Piece for Heart and Vibrations (Biofeedback Performance)

Piece For Heart and Vibration is a live performance with a harp player and a generative audio-visual software application. The live piece is a synergy of live generated visuals and sounds generated by the players heart and the harp being played.

During the show the harp player is connected through a heart rate sensor on the ear to the computer. By a special breathing exercise the harp player can control the variation of her heart rate. The generative software creates a composition based on the variation, the more the harp player breaths in a steady pace, the more the music and visuals come to life.

The visuals of the show are representing the ratios of the music and are connected to a colour and geometry system. On top of that the lighting of the particle system is being controlled by the heart. The visuals show how music and biofeedback can be represented as energy in motion.


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